About Us

Prefab Technology 3 Pte Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hor Kew Corporation Ltd. Hor Kew Corporation is a building construction group, providing an integrated range of construction-related products and services.


Our current workforce comprising of office, management and technical staff are continuously being trained and updated in skills through training programs. In addition, our organisation structure is specially committed to the provision of proper coordination both internally with inter-departmental interface and externally with our customers in liaison with engineers from developers and architects. Project coordination, quality control, and chemistry laboratory. A progressive management system has been set up to endure that the customers receive quality products, on-time delivery and monthly delivery progress report.


We believe in progressive management of our products, services and our customers and our strategic thrust is to excel in producing consistently high quality products, providing on-time delivery, and offering responsive customer service. This is achieved through our organisation structure whereby the Production Department manages the correct computation of quantity, raw material planning, ensuring the accuracy and completeness of structural drawings, quality control inspection, schedule planning and production in accordance to customer requirements. Sales department ensures that project coordination provides the updated information to the other departments, planning delivery schedules, and providing a channel for customers' feedback.


Our vision is to be a top-notched integrated building group in the region, leveraging on perfabrication technology and operational excellence to provide high value-added services to our customers.


We are fully dedicated to customers' satisfaction. We pledge ourselves to a policy of responding sensitively to our customers' progressive needs. We commit ourselves to on-time completion of our projects, and to continuous improvement in our quality and cost effectiveness through employee re-training and effective utilisation of resources.