Civil Defence Shelter Doors

Household Shelters

  • Blast Door Frame and Panel
  • Frame size: 900(W) x 2100(H) wall thick (mm)
  • Door size: 790(W) x 1990(H) x 50 thick

Storey Shelter/Staircase Shelter

Main Entrance:
  • Frame size: 1100(W) x 2205(H) x wall thick.(mm)
  • Door size:990(W) x 2090(H) x 50 thick.(mm)
  • Double Rebate blast door frame at main entrance to suit customer’s selection of fire rated timber door/ steel door and ironmongeries.
  • Features removable kerb for handicap users and removablelockset for easy maintenance.
Mid Landing:
  • Frame size: 1200(W) x 2205(H) x wall thick.(mm)
  • Door size: 1090(W) x 2090(H) x 50 thick. (mm)

All blast doors meet BCA and SCDF regulations and requirements, and listed under PSB’s Product Listing Scheme Class 1A (PLS), complying to the following technical specifications:
  1. Door Locking Mechanism Cyclic Test of 60,000 cycles
  2. Water-tightness Test to a depth of 25mm for 2 hours
  3. Rubber Gasket Test conforming to Grade 2A5
  4. Cathodic-Electro-Deposition (CED) Coating Test
  5. Dimensional Check Test
    * Wall Thickness-Wall thickness ranges from 200mm to 600mm, subjected to BCA/SCDF requirments.

Stainless Steel Ventilator

Ventilators for:
  • Storey Shelter (Ventilator With Mesh)
  • Staircase Shelter
  • Household Shelter
  • Size:
  • Diameter 290mm x Wall thickness 250/275/300mm (Household shelter)
  • Diameter 300mm x Wall thickness 250/275/300mm (Staircase shelter)

Rescue Hatch

  • Blast Door Frame and Panel
  • Frame size: 830/730(W) x 830(H) x wall thick.(mm
  • Door size: 750/650(W) x 750(H) x 50 thick.(mm)

Our products are approved under HDB Material Listing